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Carol Rischar

Real Estate Broker



Carol Rischar started selling real estate in 1995 and she has worked with Davis & Frese Inc., REALTORS® for the last 16 years. Carol is a very hard-working Realtor. She does what it takes to get the job done. Whether it’s up on a ladder scraping or painting windows so a house will pay an FHA or a VA loan, she’ll be there. If it takes Carol’s extra effort to get a house to pass so her buyer can get the loan and have the home, she’ll be there.

Carol is proud to be a problem solver for her clients. She is known to take listings that other Agents pass on. She works very closely with all the banks and mortgage companies. The moment she speaks with a buyer, she knows where to send them to get financing for a house. Carol’s main goal is to find the best house for the least amount of money that fits her buyer’s needs.


The most unique piece of real estate Carol has ever listed and sold was a large barn on the outskirts of Quincy. It was later converted into a house. She has and will sell pretty much anything!



Carol has been recognized with numerous awards over the years. These achievements set her apart from other Realtors. Carol has received the BRONZE Achievement Award, PLATINUM Achievement Award and the PEARL Achievement Award three times. The PEARL Award is for sales of $7,500,000 to $10,000,000 in one year and/or 60 or more units.

As a certified Professional Home Stager, Carol is able to provide a valuable skill to her clients for FREE. It is a fact that homes sell more quickly and often for more money when they are staged.

Carol is currently on the Multiple Listing Service at the Quincy Association of Realtors and has been on the Grievance Committee in years past.



Carol was recently recognized and given a patriotic award from The Quincy Exchange Club. She was nominated by notable Quincyan and radio DJ Jeff Dorsey for placing American Flags in front of her previous home and 24th and Maine on the Fourth of July for several years. The announcement was such an honor for her.

In the past, Carol helped sponsor a free lunch for veterans at the Quincy Veterans Day Parade. She’s also planning to be an escort on one of the upcoming Honor Flights. She is a member of the Elk’s Lodge and volunteers there. She’s also volunteered for patriotic events at the Illinois Veterans’ Home in Quincy and she’s proud to support service members and their families.


Golf and Karaoke

Carol loves to spend time with her family when she is not on the job. Her small family consists of her 95-year-old mother who just retired last fall, her fiancé Fred and her three children and their significant others. Chad and Aily Rischar are both CPAs from St. Louis. Master Sergeant Matthew Rischar and his wife Stephanie, who is also in the military, live in Las Vegas. Carol is so very proud of their service. Dan and Emily Shaffer live near Quincy. Dan owns his own construction business, Schaffer Brothers Construction, and Emily works at DOT Foods.

Matthew Rischar also plays amateur golf for the Golf Channel. He has won some tournaments and Carol is amazed at his great golf talent.

Carol and Fred like to spend time with friends at the Spirit Knob Winery and at the Elk’s during events, especially Karaoke. They are the reigning King and Queen of the Elk’s after the Elk’s hosted a recent “Prom Night”. They also love to play golf. It seems like they only have time to play the Par 3 at the Knights of Columbus, but they really enjoy themselves. Back in 1997, Carol got a Hole in One on Hole #9!

They love to go to flea markets and yard sales. Carol often finds staging items at these places. In addition to enjoy the hunt for home décor, Carol and Fred love to travel. They go to Las Vegas once or twice a year to visit Matt and Stephanie. They also recently took a cruise with friends and are planning another one soon.


“Looking Good”

Carol’s one home improvement project was on her last house at South 24th. It was improved so much that she was a finalist in the Herald-Whig’s “Looking Good” Contest. It started when they totally renovated their large retaining wall, added landscaping, new windows, new roof, new gutters, privacy fencing, a fish pond and a multi-level deck in the back yard. It totally changed the house. The compliments they received were awesome. They’re just starting now on the landscaping at their new home.

They currently live in Spring Lake right on the golf course. Carol showed the home to a client about a year and a half ago and when he didn’t buy it, she thought, “Wow! I could live here!” Her thought was that she could never wake up in a bad mood looking at the amazing view from the bluff every day.



If you are looking for a cost-effective home improvement project, Carol would recommend that you simply paint. If you own a brick home, repaint the door with an inviting color. Carol urges you to paint some of the interior, too. If you don’t want to paint an entire room, then pick out one wall and paint it with an accent color. That small addition can change the entire concept of the room and freshen it up. Back outside – Carol says sellers need to freshen up their landscaping. A very simple and inexpensive way is to add mulch. It makes the shrubs and flowers pop and is a good way to control weeds. Use this tip to give the outside of your home a fresh, well-manicured look.


Excellent service

One more thing about Carol – she loves her job. “No two days are alike,” Carol said. “That’s what makes my job so interesting.” It’s a competitive field so she tries to do her very best for sellers and buyers. Gaining business through referrals is an added bonus and means that she’s doing the best job. You deserve excellent service, so contact Carol at

217-740-3989 today about your real estate needs!

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