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Marge Moore

Real Estate Broker



Marge Moore has been with Davis & Frese Inc., REALTORS® since the beginning of her real estate career in 1995. She is proud of her success in the industry and the relationships she has built in her 20 years as a realtor. Marge is certified as a Professional Real Estate Stager and has several $1,000,000 Awards and higher to demonstrate her success.



Marge is known for her skill in helping people find the perfect home, but she also draws and designs homes, kitchens, garages and more. She often helps her husband on detailed projects for their construction company. Marge takes large projects in stride and has flipped 13 homes for living or selling. She’s working on one right now and looks forward to flipping at least two more homes in the future.


If you’re facing a challenge, you should come see Marge. She is practiced in getting difficult properties closed. “I pull my employees from my construction company to help when necessary,” Marge said. “I consider the difficult ones a challenge.” She explains that real estate is just like putting a puzzle together. You just have to match the buyers with the sellers.


Small town background, big work ethic

Marge lives in Golden, Illinois. She and her family have lived in six different homes in Golden and two more within five miles of Golden. She grew up on a farm in nearby Clayton where she learned how to work hard.


Marge has been married since 1968. Her daughter and son are both very successful and thoughtful and caring individuals. When she is not working on home sales or spending time with her family, Marge can be found at home or with friends. She continues to be involved in her church.


Before going into real estate full time, Marge was the service department manager for Adams Telephone. She started there before there were many of the things we take for granted now. All of Marge’s experience has made her honest, friendly and courteous. She quickly became an expert problem solver, listener and organizer.



Anyone selling a home should concentrate on decluttering. Marge acknowledges that the buyer’s first impression is everything. Work your way from the outside to the inside as some people forget to declutter the yard, patio and other areas outside the home. Marge encourages sellers to clean, clean and clean some more. You can’t be too careful!

Embrace a smooth home sale. Call Marge Moore at 217-242-0908 today!